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Anger Management (Therapy)
Northampton, Milton Keynes, Canterbury and Bedford
+ Domestic Violence and Abuse +

Issues: • Anger • Violence • Bullying • Abuse • Passive Aggression • Manipulation • Control • Road Rage • Assault • Common Assault • Domestic Violence •

Testimonial: “I was very scared that my Angry Behaviour and stressed out attitude was going to ruin my (3rd) marriage and I didn’t know what to do about it…Now...My husband is over the moon because I am easier to get on with and we communicate so much better nowadays… I am forever grateful”
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Anger Management help

Contact an Anger Management Specialist
Wellingborough + Milton Keynes + Bedford + Rushden

+ Anger Management + Domestic Violence + Abuse
If you have already chosen one of the anger management specialists and wish to contact them, please use their individual details below. All calls, emails, and texts are treated with respect and kept in confidence.
            Tel: 01933 395 497 (Private office line with answer machine)
            Mob: 0742 714 4234 (Dedicated mobile)
            Tel: 01933 358 739 (Private office line with answer machine)
            Mob: 0783 778 4663 (Dedicated mobile)
If you have a general enquiry with respect to Anger Management or any of the other services we offer please use the general enquiries contact details below. All enquiries will be answered as soon as possible.
General Enquiries:
            Tel: 01933 395 497 (Private office line with answer machine)
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Contact a Canterbury Anger Management Therapist
+ Anger Management + Abuse + Domestic Violence
We are pleased and proud to announce that Mr Bob Chisholm, an excellent counsellor and Psychotherapist, has agreed to join our practice as an associate and expand our catchment area into Canterbury. He is an experienced and reputable counsellor and is happy to discuss with you your needs and how he may be of service.
            Tel: (No land line at the moment as Bob has just returned to the area)
            Mob: 0784 763 7764
            Counsellor Profile: See Bob's mini profile below

Please Note:
With respect to all our counsellors and psychotherapists: To ensure that from first contact you have someone professional and competent to assist you, we only permit counsellors or psychotherapists to answer your counselling enquiries either by telephone, text or email. However, as a very successful and busy counselling and psychotherapy service, a practitioner may not be immediately available to answer the telephone. Therefore, please be patient and leave a clear message and someone, who can assist you, will return your call as soon as possible.
Counsellor contact details and addresses page.

Anger Management Features

  • Anger Management Therapy provided by professional fully trained and qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  • Years of successful experience in Anger Management
  • Flexibility: Morning, Afternoon or Evening appointments
  • Excellent rates: £40 per hour (concessions available)
  • Both Male and Female therapists to choose from
  • Four consultation rooms with easy access to Northampton, Milton Keynes, Canterbury, Margate and Bedford
  • Cost effective Long term sustainable results that can only be provided by fully trained counsellors and psychotherapists
    • Tailored to meet your individual history, needs and circumstances
    • No gimmicks, ‘fixes’, ‘tools’ or ‘rip-offs’
    • We not only work to resolve symptoms and behaviours but also the causes of the problems
    • Discover and resolve the issues behind your Anger and Aggression
  • Improve your communication and relational skills both at home and at work
    • Improve relationships with partners, children and other family members
    • Improve career prospects and income through healthy communication and collaboration with colleges and clients.
  • Get the best out of life and its opportunities

Anger Management therapy from real professionals offers you an integrated opportunity to change your life forever. Your personal, relational and familial wellbeing deserves professional help and TonicTalk Anger Management can provide that help.
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Anger Management Service Area:
• Northamptonshire • Northampton • Wellingborough • Kettering • Rushden • Irthlingborough • Higham Ferrers • Irchester • Wollaston • Finedon • Billing •

• Buckinghamshire • Milton Keynes • Newport Pagnell • Olney • Stony Stratford • Bletchley • Brogborough • Emberton • Sherington • Chigheley • Lavendon • Warrington • Yardley Hastings •

• Bedfordshire • Bedford • Luton • Dunstable • Leighton Buzzard • Kempston • Biddenham • Clapham • Oakley • Milton Earnest • Sharnbrook • Bromham •

• Canterbury • Faversham • Whitstable • Herne Bay • Margate • Ramsgate • Dover • Ashford • Chartham • Sturry • Littlebourne • Hernhill • Chilham • Waltham • Hersden •

Anger Management Northampton and Milton Keynes

Anger Management Therapist Profiles
Anger Management Counselling Northampton and Milton Keynes Tonictalk Anger Management is an independant private practice that believes in quality, commitment and transparancy. As such, we believe that our processes should be completely transparent to our Anger Management counselling clients and that all should be given whatever information necessary to help them make informed decisions concerning their treatment and treatment providers. Below are the mini profiles of our therapists. Please feel free to examine their profiles and contact whomever you choose and ask whatever questions you feel necessary to help you make your decision. We are here to help you overcome whatever type of Anger Management issues you have and resolve the impact they have had on your relationships, work and life and as a fully fledged Counselling and Psychotherapy service we can help you with much more besides. Unlike other practices, you will not be assigned an anger management therapist, instead you have the right to choose who you wish to work with.

Anger Management Therapist for Milton Keynes and Northampton Carlos TonicTalk Carlos Anger Management Registration Logo for Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedfored
Carlos - Counsellor & Psychotherapist
+ Anger Management Expert +

MA (Master of Arts degree: Psychotherapy)
Advance Dip. Therapeutic Counselling
Area: Rushden, Milton Keynes, Bedford
Carlos is an extremely insightful Anger Management specialist who works with his clients in an open, non-prejudicial and positive way. He is sensitive to the fears, frustrations and issues that surround anger, agression, violence and abuse and has the strength of character, courage and compassion necessary to truly connect with his clients and support them as they work through the issues and causes behind their behaviours and relational difficulties. Carlos is never lazy, jaded, rejecting, retaliatory, fearful or demanding of those that seek his help; instead he is consistantly positive and uplifting and sees the potential in all. He has thousands of clinical hours experience providing effective and sustainable anger management and has helped many overcome and resolve personal, relational, career and legal issues. .
Read Carlos’ counselling profile.
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Unlike many who claim to be anger management experts, who have little to no training or experience, and can only offer ineffective tools and cleche advice; Carlos is someone who can help you change your life. He has trained for over six years, achieving a Masters degree and continues his commitment to improving his ability through ongoing training. He is a very successful Full-time independant private Anger Management service provised, Relationship specialist and a consumate professional. He has over eight years experience providing effective and sustainable treatments for anger and related issues and is amongst the best in the field. If you have an Anger Management issue that may be ruining your life then employ the best; contact a TonicTalk Anger Management specialist.

Key Points

  • Full-time practising Psychotherapist and Counsellor
    • Counselling since 2005 (MBACP)
    • Thousands of Anger Management and counselling hours experience
  • Fully trained, highly skilled, qualified and motivated
  • Effective and sustainable results
  • Clinical psychotherapy experience
    • TonicTalk Full-time Private Practice,
    • Expert in Anger Management provision,
    • Expert in Relationships and Communication,
    • Northampton Gen. Hospital NHS trust,
    • Accredited and recommended,
    • Experience of Common & Complex issues
    • Designer and provider of Anger Management
    • Individuals and couples
    • Children, Adolescents, and Adults
    • Any age, race, gender, beliefs or sexual orientation
  • Professional Experience
    • Professional career spanning 20 years
    • Director and partner of TonicTalk
Anger Management Services
• Northampton • Higham Ferrers • Wellingborough •
• Rushden • Irthlingborough • Kettering •
• Milton Mindfulness • Depression Therapy •Anxiety Treatments•
• Psychotherapeutic Dream Analysis • Buddhist Psychotherapy •
•Abuse Counselling• and more besides.

Counselling Experience includes:
• Depression • Anxiety • Self-esteem issues • Relationship issues • Bereavement • childhood neglect and abuse • Bullying • Divorce and Separation • Employment and Career issues • Adoption • Spousal / Partner / Wife / Husband Abuse • Anger Management issues • Substance Misuse • Alcoholism and Self Harm • Neglect • Bullying • childhood sexual abuse • Adoption • Suicide • Schizoid issues • Bi-Polar • Personality disorders • and much more besides.
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Client Testimonial: “Carlos, it was your ability as a counsellor that brought me through it all. You have a natural skill and such an understanding of humanity. It has been very hard work on my part, but now I am at peace with myself.”

Northampton Anger Management Counsellor Suzanne
TonicTalk Suzanne Counselling Registration Logo for Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedfored

Suzanne - Counsellor & Psychotherapist
+ Anger Management Expert +

MA (Master of Arts degree: Psychotherapy)
BA (Bachelor of Arts degree: History)
Area: Milton Keynes, Wellingborough, Bedford
Suzanne is an compassionate, intuative and committed Anger Management specialist and psychotherapist with thousands of hours of clinical experience helping individuals and couples change their lives. Her Anger Management counselling is characterised by a high level of analysis and empathy, without prejudice, which when combined with a clear understanding of the mechanics of Anger and personal and relational issues allows her to be an extremely effective Anger Management therapist. Her courage and congruence with respect herself and others engenders a willingness and ability to support and assist her clients with their own often difficult journeys through their anger issues. Being in anger management with Suzanne is an opportunity to overcome an issue that can debilitate and ruin one's life and relationships.
Read Suzanne’s Anger Management profile.
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Rather than the usual hackneyed set of ineffective but well meaning tools that most so-called Anger Management therapists deliver; Suzanne is able to offer true anger management therapy that resolves the root of the issue and can change your life. She will work with you with relational depth and that combined with a strength of character and honesty she will endeavour to inspire you and develope your courage to move forward and develop, grow and overcome your anger management issues and the causes behind them. Over the years of her practice, Suzanne has had great success oproviding Anger Management and as a fully trained and experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist she is also able to help you work through any other issues, personal, relational, spiritual or employment that may arrise during your treatment with her.

Key Points

  • Fully trained, highly skilled, qualified and indemnified
  • Therapeutic modality: Integrative Psychotherapist
  • Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor experience
    • TonicTalk Full-Time Professional Practitioner
    • Professional Anger Management specialist
    • Member of BACP & SOPH
    • In practice since 2008
    • Thousands of clinical hours experience
    • NHS, Cruse and Private practice
    • Experience of Common to Complex issues
  • Experience of working with
    • Adults, Children and Adolescents
    • Individuals and couples
    • Any age, race, gender, beliefs or sexual orientation
  • Committed to her own ongoing Personal and Professional Development
  • Other Professional Experience
    • Professional career spanning 20 years
    • Personal and spiritual development trainer
    • Small business owner
Anger Management Service
• Northampton • Rushden • Higham Ferrers •
• Wellingborough • Kettering • Irthlingborough •
• Milton Keynes • Newport Pagnell • Olney •
• Bedford • Kempston • Elstow •
• Domestic Violence • Spousal Abuse •
• Anger / Aggression / Anger management •
• Employment Stresses • Relationship issues •
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Client Testimonial: “Therapy did me the world of good… I have overcome my issues… and the children, John and I are very happy. Thank you for all your help.”

Anger Management Venues and Catchment Area
Considering the impact that Anger Management issues can have on an individual’s life, relationships and career and employment opportunities; we feel that it is important that people can find accessible professional and effective Anger Management services. To this end we have three venues that can be accessed conveniently in which such services can be found.

Anger Management

Anger Management Consultation Room Northampton

Our Northamptonshire Anger Management venue is in Higham Ferrers (near Rushden and Wellingborough) and is easily accessible via majour roads and is within 25 minutes drive of Bedford and Northampton.

5 North End,
Higham Ferrers
NN10 8JB

This consultation room is comfortable and inviting and services the therapy needs of the following towns and villages:

• Earls Barton • Northamptonshire •
• Higham Ferrers • Finedon • Corby •
• Thrapston • St. Neots • Pavenham •
Northampton • Bedford • Rushden •
• Wellingborough • Kettering • Raunds •
• Thrapston • Irthlingborough • Billing •
• Wollaston • Sharnbrook • Irchester •
• Sharnbrook • Cogenhoe •
• Great Doddington •
See Contact an Anger Management Counsellor for more details.

Anger Management in Higham Ferrers

Milton Keynes
Anger Management

Newport Pagnell Anger Management Counselling Room

Our Milton Keynes Anger Management centre is situated within DeVere’s conference facility in Newport Pagnell. It has an all day reception, plenty of off-street parking, waiting areas, internet access and is accessible by those with disabilities.

Syndicate Room B14
DeVere Venues Harben
Harben House
Tickford Street
Newport Pagnell
MK16 9EY

The room is generous in size, light and furnished in a contemporary style. There are also waiting areas with free refreshments.

• Emberton • Chigheley • Lavendon •
• Sherington • Warrington • Kempston •
• Buckinghamshire • Milton Keynes
• Stony Stratford • Newport Pagnell •
• Bletchley • Brogborough • Olney •
• Yardley Hastings • Bedford •
See Contact an Anger Management Therapist for more details.

Anger Management in Milton Keynes

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Anger Management

Anger Management in our Bedford Counselling Room

Our Bedford Anger Management counselling room is situated in the centre of Bedford town and is accessed by local transport links and plenty of local parking allows access by car.

Mayfair House
11 Lurke Street
MK40 3HZ

This room offers a convenient, comfortable and safe environment to work any their Anger Management issues.

• Luton • Kempston • Leighton Buzzard •
• Bedfordshire • Bedford • Dunstable •
• Biddenham • Milton Earnest •Clapham •
• Oakley • Sharnbrook • Bromham •
See Contact an Anger Management Expert for more details.

Anger Management in Bedford

Canterbury Counsellor Bob Chsholm

Bob Chisholm -
Counsellor & Psychotherapist
+ Anger Management Specialist +

Diploma Counselling
MA (Master of Arts degree: Religious Studies)
Area: Canterbury
Bob has a keen interest in personal, spiritual and psychological growth and development and has travelled extensively expanding his understanding of the human condition. Bob also has a strong belief in the potential for positive change and thus he developed a counselling practice that combines Buddhist insights and philosophy with Counselling and Psychotherapy to create a growthful and authentic psychotherapeutic experience.
Bob's counselling client work is characterised by a high level of empathy, commitment and congruence which he utilises to help the individual create meaningful and sustainable change in their life and relationships. Bob also has a very keen mind that he is able to use to the advantage of his clients, drawing on the client's past and present experiences he is able to gently offer insights that have the potential of engendering significant emotional and psychological change.

Read Bob’s counselling profile.
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Over the years Bob has had great success providing counselling to resolve a variety of common to complex issues. Bob is an Integrative Buddhist and Jungian Psychotherapist who is able and willing to work with any individual and their presenting issues. Also as s part of his personal development, Bob practices and teaches Meditation and Yoga to a very high standard.

Key Points

  • Fully qualified, highly skilled and indemnified
  • Counselling modality: Integrative Jungian Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor experience
    • Tariki Trust Counsellor
    • Member of BACP
    • Three years extensive experience
    • Hundreds of client hours
    • Private practice
    • Experience of Common to Complex issues
  • Practice catchment area
    • Canterbury
  • Experience of working with
    • Individual Adults
    • Any race, creed, gender, belief or sexual orientation
  • Dedicated to continual Personal and professional development
  • Other Experience
    • Pastoral care - Public School House Master
    • Teacher - Meditation and Yoga
Counselling Services
• Individual Psychotherapy • Individual Counselling •
• Anxiety Treatments • Depression Therapy • Mindfulness •
• Psychotherapeutic Dream Analysis • Abuse Counselling •
• Buddhist Psychotherapy • and more besides.

Bob’s experience includes
• Depression • Anxiety • Relationship Issues • low self worth •
• Bereavement • Childhood Abuse • Bulling • Spousal abuse •
• Physical / Emotional / Sexual / Psychological abuse •
• Abandonment issues • Panic attacks • and much more besides.
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Professional Testimonial: “We invited Bob to become an associate because not only does he have impressive skill as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist but also because he is a highly developed and experienced individual. Bob is the epitome of a dedicated and developed counsellor.”

Canterbury Anger Management Service

Bob Chisholm's Anger Management room is the latest addition to TonicTalk's service. It is situated in the centre of Canterbury and accessable by road or public transport.

            6 Blackfriars Street
            CT1 2AP

Bob has family in Canterbury and is migrating his private practice down from Leicester. His newly established Counselling practice in Canterbury is an asset to the local community and provides a huge range of psychotherapeutic services.

• Canterbury • Hernhill • Sturry • Hersden • Wigham • Littlebourne • Petham • Chartham • Blean • Chilham • Lower Hardres • Broardoak • Bridge • Waltham • Faversham • Wickhambreaux • Ash • All are within easy reach of Bob's Canterbury Counselling office.
See Contact a Canterbury Counsellor for more details.
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Anger Issues
Anger and Aggression, which are both necessary to our survival and psychological wellbeing, can easily become confused, misused and harnessed or pressed into serving very unhelpful aspects of our personalities, values and belief systems. It is without doubt true that most people suffer from some form of frustration, resentment, insecurity or low self-worth which either periodically or consistently leads to angry or aggressive thoughts or behaviours aimed at others. Most people tend to have aggressive imaginings and to suffer from periodic or episodic outbursts which afterwards they attempt to make reparations for; while others suffer from more persistent aggressive tendencies.

Anger Management Therapy is capable of helping both groups of individuals by offering an opportunity to resolving the root causes behind frustration, resentment, insecurity and low self-worth. In doing so it offers a sustainable long term solution to all forms of unwanted angry and aggression tendencies that may blight people’s lives.

Anger Management and Anger Therapy
While Anger Management continues to be the common term used to describe interventions designed to help others deal with their Anger and Aggression, it has been replaced and superseded by ‘Anger Therapy’. It has long been recognised that old style Anger Management was insufficient in achieving long term sustainable results. While in the short term, Anger Management achieved reasonable results, it is generally focussed upon symptoms and failed to resolve underlying causation. And thus, in the long term, symptoms return and sometimes with renewed vigour and destructive force. Also, Anger Management training offers ‘tools’ to help individuals cope with their issues. However, it is now known that many of the tools offered create more problems than they resolve. The use of ‘tools’ to overcome or mask symptoms inevitably cannot offer longevity or sustainability and the failure of many tools results in the worsening of problems and engenders feelings of failure, deficiency, hopelessness and self-deprecation, (punishing oneself and thinking ill of oneself), which further adds to one’s issues.

For example; tools like Displacement, Distraction and ‘walking away’ were and still seem to be, heavily promoted, however, they are known to either not work or be so impractical in application that they do more damage that good.

“Displacement Therapy” is based on a popular misconception amongst ‘lay people’ and some therapists and trainers which encourages the use of objects as ‘punch-bags’ for the expression of anger and aggression. It was though that to encourage the ‘healthy’ expression of built up frustration and aggression would alleviate the pressure on the individual and allow them to maintain a calmer and better adjusted state. However, this type of ‘therapy’ is has long been discredited as it fails to address the underlying causation and in fact ‘normalises’ violence. Expressing anger and aggression towards ‘punch-bags’, while ‘imagining’ striking a person or thinking about a person, is, to the mind, is no different from striking that person for ‘real’. The mind does not differentiate between what is ‘real’ and what is imagined. This type of activity overcomes an individual’s inhibitions concerning harming others and it becomes easier to do so each time one engages in it. And thus in situations where there are no punch bags and the individual feels the need, they will lash out.

Other ‘tools’ which encourage the individual to attempt to ‘Distract’ themselves from their Aggressive thoughts or ‘Walk Away’ from a volatile situation are quite simply ridiculous, impractical, cannot be relied upon and promote feelings of failure and helplessness. Avoiding an issue only pushed the issue outside of the individual’s sphere of influence and thus allows it to work unhindered. Not only that, have you ever tried to not think about something or replace it with something else while you are in the middle of it? It is a ridiculous notion. And as for “walking away”, our issues are based on our perceptions which we carry within our minds; one cannot walk away from one’s mind. Alternatively, if it is a volatile situation involving others, more often than not the others involved will either prevent the individual from escaping or pursue them. Also, turning your back on others and walking away is risky and denies the others a right to speak and thus is ‘passive-Aggressive’ in itself and may result in more violence.

Also, as is often the case, Anger Management’ trainers are not fully qualified and indemnified Counsellors or Psychotherapists. They are often individuals who see ‘Anger Management’ as a lucrative opportunity to make money and attend minimum training in order to enable them to facilitate their ‘client work’. However, they are ill qualified and untrained in dealing with the very real and often complex personal issues that lie at the centre of their client’s problems. What they actually offer to clients is a ‘sticking plaster’ in the form of a cognitive or behavioural ‘fix’ that has no depth or longevity in its application which becomes ‘unstuck’ under the pressure and strain of deeper issues.

In light or the above, and the moral and ethical need to offer clients help and support that provides for realistic long term sustainable results; regardless of their popularity and the obvious easy financial gains that such formulaic training offer, the therapists at TonicTalk do not offer nor engage in such bogus practices. Nor do we teach people not to be angry, or do we have any interest in judging an individual and their behaviour as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Anything that advocates avoiding one’s anger or judging it is counterproductive and encourages denial and psychological defences and repression.

Anger is a normal necessary psychological and physiological response to certain psychological processes and therefore we encourage a healthy, open and honest dialogue in which the individual can speak freely and openly without fear of rejection, judgement or retaliation. We facilitate a true exploration and resolution of the causation behind Anger and Aggression. We help, support and encourage individuals to discover why they are angry, how to engage with and process their issues and how to change their way of being. Our approach is proven and fully supported and while we may see fit to offer some appropriate and effective short term psychotherapeutic interventions, they are purely offered so as to help facilitate a longer term resolution.

Anger Management is somewhat of a misnomer for what we offer as our Anger Management is more properly called Anger Therapy and is offered to you and practiced by fully trained Psychotherapists and Counsellors who have completed years of training and personal development. Anger Therapy is an in depth intervention based on proven Psychotherapeutic Techniques that offer long term sustainable results. As a Psychotherapeutic and Counselling practice TonicTalk is also able to offer help to both those that have suffered at the hands of Aggressive, Angry, Bullying or Violent individuals as well as those who wish to overcome their own Angry, Aggressive or Violent behaviour.

TonicTalk Anger Management in Milton Keynes, Northampton & Canterbury
TonicTalk is an independent client funded partnership of fully trained, qualified and experienced Psychotherapists and Counsellors who specialise in providing high quality Anger Management, Counselling, Psychotherapy and other psychotherapeutic services to the general public. We are non-discriminatory and thus provide services to Men, Women, and Young people, from all backgrounds, faiths and walks of life. All Male and Female anger management therapists are fully inclusive and dedicated to providing for your needs without prejudice. We are here for you.

Not all anger management specialists are the same. As it is with all professions there are those who are dedicated to their work; who give reverence to the needs of others and are therefore useful, properly trained, skilled, helpful and diligent professionals and there are those who are not. Therefore, do not leave your anger management needs to chance; instead, contact TonicTalk Anger Management Counsellor and employ a proven professional.

Our practice catchment counties are Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Canterbury and Buckinghamshire. This includes the towns and villages in and around Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Canterbury, Margate, Wellingborough, Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough, Billing, Kettering, Olney, Corby, Stony Stratford, and Rushden. While you may have to drive to us, your personal care, relationships and future employment are worth a short car journey.

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Anger Management
Many people suffer from anger issues

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Counselling Testimonials
"I have found it to be incredibly helpful and you have really helped me in understanding myself and my relationships better..."

"...I would recommend you whole heartedly to others..."

"After our time working together, I'm a happier and calmer person. I am enjoying my life more. My relationship is stronger and my business is doing better than ever...

"...The main factor which has helped me is not only your skill as a counsellor, but simply that you are a lovely person..."

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