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Anger Management (Therapy)

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Anger Management in Wellingborough Features

  • Wellingborough Anger Management Therapy is provided by Full Time professional dedicated Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  • Full time counsellors offering appointments to suit you
  • Rates: £40 per hour (concessions available)
  • Male and Female Anger Management therapists to choose from
  • Long term sustainable results provided by fully trained counsellors and psychotherapists in Wellingborough
    • Anger Management Tailored to meet your individual history, needs and circumstances
    • No gimmicks, ‘fixes’, ‘tools’ or ‘rip-offs’
    • We resolve symptoms, behaviours and causation
    • Wellingborough Anger Management is useful for Court and Family Courts alike.
    • We also provide in-depth assessments for court.
  • Improve your life, communication and relational skills
    • Improve relationships with family, friends and work
    • Improve career prospects
    • Improve customer relations.
  • Improve your life and relationships and take advantage of its its opportunities

Wellingborough Anger Management counselling and therapy is provided by real professionals and offers you an opportunity to change your life and your family's life forever. Your relational health deserves only the best from Full Time professionals and TonicTalk Anger Management in Wellingborough are here to provide that help.
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Wellingborough Anger Management Service Area:
• Wellingborough • Rushden • Irthlingborough • Higham Ferrers • Irchester • Wollaston • Finedon • Kettering •

Anger Management Northampton and Milton Keynes
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Contact a Wellingborough Anger Management Specialist

            Tel: 01933 395 497 (Private office line with answer machine)
            Mob: 0742 714 4234
            Tel: 01933 358 739 (Private office line with answer machine)
            Mob: 0783 778 4663

General Enquiries:
            Tel: 01933 395 497 (Private office line with answer machine)
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Anger Management Therapist Profiles
This section contains pages pertaining to each of our therapists. We hope that this will allow you to get to know our therapists a little better and help you choose who you would like to work with.

Anger Management Northampton Psychotherapist CarlosCarlos is a full time Psychotherapist and Counsellor working in the Wellingborough area offering Anger Management therapy to help people resolve Family, Relational, Work and Social communication and behavioural issues. His work is very effective and he has had great success in helping people change their lives. His work is also acceptable to courts and especially in family courts. Anger and aggression issues are not restricted to one gender and Carlos has a huge amount of experience helping both men and women. Carlos is willing and able to work with any individual or couple and their presenting issues and is a fully qualified and indemnified member of the BACP (MBACP).
Read Carlos’ profile.
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Anger Management Northampton Counsellor SuzanneSuzanne is also an Anger Management and communication specialist. She is committed to providing the highest quality of Anger Management therapy to the residence of Wellingborough and the surrounding villages. As a full-time therapist she has the experience and training to meet your needs and can offer you an appointment at a time to suite you. She perfectly able to work with both men and women to help them improve their lives and achieve their goals. Suzanne has an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing Practice (Middlesex).
Read Suzanne’s profile.
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Consultation Rooms and Catchment Area
Wellingborough Anger Management has two consultation rooms, conveniently placed to provide good access to the Anger Management services you need:

Higham Ferrers
This our closest consultation room to Wellingborough is a welcoming and comfortably furnished room with plenty of parking and easy access from the A6 and A45.

Higham Ferrers Counselling and Psychotherapy Room

Its catchment area includes Rushden, Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough, Wollaston, Irthlingborough, Finedon, Thrapston, St. Neots, Pavenham, Sharnbrook, Billing, Earls Barton, Cogenhoe, Great Doddington, Northampton, and Bedford. All are within 15 miles travel. See Contact Us for more details.

Newport Pagnell
Our Newport Pagnell room is a little further from Wellingborough but may be suites to someone who works outside the area.

Newport Pagnell Counselling and Psychotherapy RoomNewport Pagnell Building EntranceNewport Pagnell Parking

Its catchment area includes Milton Keynes, Olney, Emberton, Kempston, Stony Stratford, Bletchley, Bedford and other surrounding towns and villages.
See Contact Us for more details.
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Anger Issues
Anger and Aggression, which are both necessary to our survival and psychological wellbeing, can easily become confused, misused and harnessed or pressed into serving very unhelpful aspects of our personalities, values and belief systems. It is without doubt true that most people suffer from some form of frustration, resentment, insecurity or low self-worth which either periodically or consistently leads to angry or aggressive thoughts or behaviours aimed at others. Most people tend to have aggressive imaginings and to suffer from periodic or episodic outbursts which afterwards they attempt to make reparations for; while others suffer from more persistent aggressive tendencies.

Anger Management Therapy is capable of helping both groups of individuals by offering an opportunity to resolving the root causes behind frustration, resentment, insecurity and low self-worth. In doing so it offers a sustainable long term solution to all forms of unwanted angry and aggression tendencies that may blight people’s lives.

Anger Management (Therapy)
Anger Management has over a number of years been examined and revisited and its shortcomings realised. Anger management generally focuses upon symptoms and fails to resolve underlying causation and therefore, in the long term, symptoms return and sometimes with renewed vigour and destructive force. Anger Management also has a tendency to focus great energy and attention on the use of ‘tools’ to help individuals cope with or manage their issues. However, it is now known that many of the tools offered create more problems than they resolve. For example, displacement therapy, encouraging individuals to vent frustrations, aggression and violence onto pillows and other soft objects while thinking of those they are annoyed with, is fraught with issues and problems. Displacement Therapy makes it easier to hit people and promotes violence by overcoming inhibitions concerning violence because the brain does not know the difference between reality and imaginings. Your brain thinks you hit the people you imagine you hit and therefore it becomes easy to hit them because you already have. Also the use of ‘tools’ to overcome or mask symptoms inevitably cannot offer longevity or sustainability and the failure of many tools results in the worsening of problems and engenders feelings of failure, deficiency, hopelessness and self-deprecation, (punishing oneself and thinking ill of oneself), which further adds to one’s issues.

Another problem that creates huge issues for Anger Management is that Anger Management trainers are generally not fully qualified and indemnified Counsellors or Psychotherapists. They are often individuals who see ‘Anger Management’ as a lucrative opportunity to make money and attend minimum training in order to enable them to facilitate their ‘client work’. However, they are ill qualified and untrained in dealing with the very real and often complex personal issues that lie at the centre of their client’s problems. What they actually offer to clients is a ‘sticking plaster’ in the form of a cognitive or behavioural ‘fix’ that has no depth or longevity in its application which becomes ‘unstuck’ under the pressure and strain of deeper issues.

Anger Management has grown beyond these rather unhelpful practices and evolved into Anger Therapy. And while Anger Therapy may still for continuity be called Anger Management, clients need to ensure that what is being offered is Anger Therapy and it is being offered by fully trained and indemnified Counsellors or Psychotherapists.

Anger Therapy is an in depth intervention based on proven Psychotherapeutic Techniques that offer long term sustainable results. Clients are engaged with on a very personal level without assumption, judgement or rejection and the emphasis is on self discovery, personal responsibility, personal growth, and a movement away for destructive self loathing, low self worth and other personal issues. Anger Therapy helps an individual grow beyond their need to be aggressive and violent.

TonicTalk offers Anger therapy and not Anger Management. If you find that your behaviour is damaging your relationships, friendships or work and contributing to your unhappiness please feel free to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation in which you will discover how we can be of service to you.

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